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National Identity : Who is really French? [video]

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What does it mean to be French? For the past few months, France has been asking itself that very question. But the debate over national identity launched by President Sarkozy now appears to be deepening racial tensions present for years. To get to the heart of the matter, our reporter James André went to Marseille, the most ethnically diverse city in France.

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Frank Milibank on 30 January, 2010 08:15:04
This is an issue the Europeans need to deal with. Integration in the US worked well and created a smooth incorporation of all religions and races. It seems Europe needs to wake up.
JoeV on 30 January, 2010 08:18:11
Really? C'mon Frank, you don't think Arabs and Africans in France need to do their homework? Beside, why do you say foreigners in US are integrated? Hasn't there been a permanent crisis between whites and blacks and hispanics and Asians? Not sure I agree with u.
Marwan on 30 January, 2010 08:20:28
The piece was ok but not so great. A bit too simplistic. It did not provide reasons why so many problems and tension, but worth watching.
Damien on 30 January, 2010 08:25:42
Il ya comme meme pas mal de politiciens d'origine maghrebine ici en france. Je crois qu'il y eu pas mal de progres ces dernieres annees. Meme Sarko a nomme des maghrebins dans son gouvernement.
FreeMan on 08 February, 2011 09:21:22
France a Racist Police State: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzUIwya3UF8

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