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Hannibal Coming to a Theater Near Your: Beware of Hollywood

Once again Hollywood is preparing to re-write history. Nothing wrong if they get their facts right, but between wrong information and excessive romanticizing, true history may end up being diluted by a commercially-focused Hollywood.

Advice For Algeria: Go Back to the Drawing Board

When Money Alone is not Enough and Sound Policies Matter: In preparing for an issue of special report for The North Africa Journal, we spent a great deal of time checking what North Africa is doing in building up its infrastructure to prepare for a 21st century economy. We were rather astonished at the numbers we tallied as to the amounts each country is spending on building up. Algeria is no exception. ...
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image Arezki Daoud Arezki Daoud is a leading analyst on North African affairs. He has been editor of The North Africa Journal since 1996. The publication reaches over 50,000 decision makers worldwide. Having lived and worked in North Africa, Mr. Daoud's analytical expertise on the region spans from the energy and industrial sectors to security and political affairs. Arezki is familiar with the speech circuit and briefing the business and government communities on the countries of the Maghreb region and is widely quoted in the press.
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