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Despite Global Economic Downturn, Tunisia's Economic Growth Stays in Positive Territory

Tunisia has managed somewhat to resist the effects of the world’s economic recession in 2009.

Government Reshuffle in Algeria: Changes in Continuity

For many, the change in leadership in Algeria's oil bureaucracy was long overdue. Political pundits have been expecting the sacking of energy minister Chekib Khelil since early 2009 when Abdelaziz Bouteflika renewed his mandate for President for a third term. For others, while expecting Khelil to get somewhat hit by the political tsunami generated by the corruption scandal that has rocked oil giant Sonatrach, they saw him as "the only international statesman Algeria had" due to his dense connections with Western decision makers in governments and businesses. This scandal, which has cost the job of the then Sonatrach CEO, Mohamed Meziane, and forced a substantial reshuffle of the company's executive management, ultimately brought down the powerful minister himself. At the end though, not too many were surprised as changes were expected a while ago. Some observers note that while the sacking of Khelil is analyzed as a bad outcome for the powerful Minister, his exit could indeed be interpreted as a blessing in disguise. Khelil's timely exit means that he will likely remain unaccountable for his questionable contribution in managing Algeria's assets and finances, amid scandals affecting the energy sector. ...
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image Arezki Daoud Arezki Daoud is a leading analyst on North African affairs. He has been editor of The North Africa Journal since 1996. The publication reaches over 50,000 decision makers worldwide. Having lived and worked in North Africa, Mr. Daoud's analytical expertise on the region spans from the energy and industrial sectors to security and political affairs. Arezki is familiar with the speech circuit and briefing the business and government communities on the countries of the Maghreb region and is widely quoted in the press.
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