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Market Profile: The Poultry Sector in Algeria

While many assume that poultry is a key staple of the Algerian kitchen, industry statistics depict a rather opposite picture. Per-capita consumption of poultry is a mere 7 kilos (or 14 LBs) per year. With this figure, chickens, turkeys, and other white meats may be hard to find in the average Algerian kitchen. So much so that among Algeria’s immediate neighbors, Morocco and Tunisia, the equivalent figure is 15 kilos or 30 LBs in each case.

Morocco Braces for a Shift to Generic Drugs

Market Trends: More than 70% of the medicines sold in the Moroccan market are expected to swing into the generic space within the next three years. Their formulation will become public domain, likely to create an interesting new dynamic in the marketplace with competition expected to heat up, Multinational pharmaceutical giants are already bracing for the shift. ...
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image Arezki Daoud Arezki Daoud is a leading analyst on North African affairs. He has been editor of The North Africa Journal since 1996. The publication reaches over 50,000 decision makers worldwide. Having lived and worked in North Africa, Mr. Daoud's analytical expertise on the region spans from the energy and industrial sectors to security and political affairs. Arezki is familiar with the speech circuit and briefing the business and government communities on the countries of the Maghreb region and is widely quoted in the press.
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