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Tunisia’s Real Estate Market: Between Fear of Proximity to Libya and Spanish Competition

The North Africa Journal | The real estate market in Tunisia is displaying mixed signals. Pockets of growth in the housing market continue to drive prices up, but these houses were designed for foreign investors and wealthy Tunisians. In contrast, the average Tunisian is priced out of these desirable real estate sites as their incomes do not meet the continuously rising prices in regions that have been insulated from the political crisis facing the country for the past two years.

Book: The Arab Uprisings: the people want the fall of the regime

Jeremy Bowen focused on his experiences in Libya when he discussed his latest book: The Arab Uprisings: the people want the fall of the regime, during a lecture at the London School of Economics. Bowen, who was an undergraduate at the LSE during the late 70s, said that one of the privileges of being a news reporter for the BBC is that at times you find yourself in a place in the world where everybody wants to know what is happening that day. ...
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Chart: Mobile Phone Adoption in Algeria

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How to Rule by Proxy: the King’s Eyes and Ears in the Moroccan Provinces

The North Africa Journal | The latest revision of the Moroccan constitution was supposed to usher in a new era of democracy by providing more power to the representatives of the people and reducing the Monarchy's prerogatives. Still, the monarchy remains unchallenged, having created a system that essentially controls virtually everything, directly and through the so-called Makhzen system. ...
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Rise and Struggles of the Islamist Movements in North Africa

The North Africa Journal | By Arezki Daoud | The popular movements that have toppled dictatorial regimes in North Africa have unwillingly paved the way for Islamists and conservative factions to take over governance. With the Islamists front and center, divisions and differences in ideas have emerged among them, dominated by four distinct factions....
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image Arezki Daoud Arezki Daoud is a leading analyst on North African affairs. He has been editor of The North Africa Journal since 1996. The publication reaches over 50,000 decision makers worldwide. Having lived and worked in North Africa, Mr. Daoud's analytical expertise on the region spans from the energy and industrial sectors to security and political affairs. Arezki is familiar with the speech circuit and briefing the business and government communities on the countries of the Maghreb region and is widely quoted in the press.
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