Libya: Time for Something Radically New

The North Africa Journal | By Arezki Daoud | The sacking of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan may be long overdue, but Libya’s problems remain the same with a dysfunctional and divided Congress, and regions and ethnic groups feeling neglected. The country wants to run as a normal nation but there is nothing normal in its current situation.

Despite Security Vacuum in Libya, Oil Exploration Goes On, Repsol Finds New Reserves

The North Africa Journal | There have been high profile cases of companies leaving Libya in droves. The actions of armed militias and those of the Islamist militants active in the country, overwhelming the weak government in place, have scared a great number of companies. But for those willing to stick around, eventually it will all pay off.
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Tunisia’s Real Estate Market: Between Fear of Proximity to Libya and Spanish Competition

The North Africa Journal | The real estate market in Tunisia is displaying mixed signals. Pockets of growth in the housing market continue to drive prices up, but these houses were designed for foreign investors and wealthy Tunisians. In contrast, the average Tunisian is priced out of these desirable real estate sites as their incomes do not meet the continuously rising prices in regions that have been insulated from the political crisis facing the country for the past two years.
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Inside the Tunisian Leasing Sector

[The North Africa Journal] The Tunisian leasing sector currently boasts 10 active companies competing for the market. Most of them are bank subsidiaries which have been set up in the 1990’s in a move to take advantage of a nascent activity which is, after all, a familiar activity for a banker and can be easily integrated in the banks’ main business.
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Reflections from The Morocco Summit: Gateway for Unlimited Opportunities

In a stimulating and action-oriented atmosphere, over 200 prominent Moroccan and international leaders from a breadth of disciplines and legal traditions convened on November 19-12, 2013, at the inaugural Morocco Summit at Sofitel Jardin des Roses, Rabat, Morocco to promote Morocco as an investment hub and gateway to doing Business in North Africa. As the President and Chief Counsel of ARPA International ( ), ARPA had the privilege to co-lead the process of convening such a diverse international gathering of leaders.
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Participatory Governance in Morocco: Towards Enhanced Engagement of the Diaspora

By Leila Hanafi: As part of Minister Abdellatif Mazouz, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of Moroccans living abroad, official visit to the United States in June 2013, the George Washington University Law School, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco and ARPA International organized an interactive discussion at George Washington University Law School in Washington DC, under the theme: Morocco’s Rule of Law Reforms: Towards an Evolved Perspective on Diaspora Engagement.
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