Islamic State (IS) Preparing a North Africa-Sahel Offensive. Displacement of Al Qaeda in the Region Underway

The North Africa Journal: ISIS/ISIL (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or simply IS) is currently building up a pretty dense presence of combatants, leaders, and sympathizers in North Africa and in the Sahel. A report released today by stability assessment firm MEA Risk shows that the establishment of an IS presence is underway, spanning from Egypt in the east, to Morocco in the west, and from the Mediterranean Sea, up north (and indeed into Europe), to the Sahel and into Sub-Sahara Africa to the south.

Inside the Tunisian Leasing Sector

[The North Africa Journal] The Tunisian leasing sector currently boasts 10 active companies competing for the market. Most of them are bank subsidiaries which have been set up in the 1990’s in a move to take advantage of a nascent activity which is, after all, a familiar activity for a banker and can be easily integrated in the banks’ main business.
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The Thorny Issue of Algeria’s Solid Waste Treatment

The French waste management firm Suez Environnement is currently seeking fresh opportunities to enter the Algeria solid waste treatment market. The firm has recently dispatched some of its senior managers to explore the possibility of offering services either by itself or through a joint venture with the Algerian counterpart EPIC.
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Morocco’s Military Equipment Purchases from France Exceeded $750 million in 2013

Morocco spent more than $2.5 billion in acquiring French military hardware over the past five years. In the decade ending 2013, Morocco was been France’s 6th biggest buyer of French weapons, behind Saudi Arabia, India, Brazil, the UAE and the USA.
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Morocco: Growing Social Tension amid Rising Costs of Living

The North Africa Journal | With the government focused on reducing the weight of subsidies on the national economy, Moroccan households continue to struggle with the rising costs of living. So much so that an unusual consensus has emerged among three competing labor unions as they now form a common front against the government and Morocco’s corporate bosses.
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