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Challenges Cripple the Tunisian Business Sector, Expect Recession

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Despite the promises of democracy, the Jasmine Revolution has had the expected debilitating impact on the conduct of business and the Tunisian economy at a large. The multi-billion dollar support packages promised by the likes of the G8, the World Bank, the EU and individual nations are not for trivial purposes. They are about keeping a country from moving into chaos and economic bankruptcy as entire industries and almost all companies are struggling to survive

As the first quarter of 2011 ends, an abundance of data points to a very difficult economic environment and the country is clearly moving into Find us on twitterrecession. As objective analysts would predict, all the indicators of business activity worsened as the impact of the political turmoil affected the labor market, production, the supply chains, the inventories, orders and bookings and all other possible indicators that measure industrial activity. Continue here | Not a subscriber? follow this link | Join our mailing list.

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