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Algeria’s Gas Exploration Program Challenged by Tough Economic Reality

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image Algeria's Oil Minister Chakib Khelil

Oil and gas exploration is likely to go through a sluggish period in the foreseeable future. And Algeria is already testing this theory.

The outcome of its auction of gas exploration licenses that took place in mid December 2008 fetched very little interest, with only $272 million committed by foreign companies, through four contracts only. Read here or subscribe here.

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Mark on 29 January, 2009 07:21:46
It is time for Algeria to think to build a scientific, technological and industrial capacity rather than focusing on selling natural resources.
This is possible and feasible ; reform the schools, universities, companies, army and research centers in order to make them of high-quality.
An industrious and modern Algeria is feasible.
Belloumi on 26 February, 2009 02:01:13
For as long as you have Bouteflika, don't count on it. Algeria is obsessed with Morocco and until that cease, Algeria will continue to base its revenues from the oil industry. Good Luck
Ray on 26 April, 2009 09:41:17
I don't think Morocco is an obstacle to Algeria. The people of Algeria are not interested in the existing problem between the two governments (Moroccan and Algerian). A good plannification is a must. Also, as far we know Algeria, its people come through difficult situations and may be more to come. But they will succeed, a country like Algeria with its high potential of wealth. A prosper Algeria will succeed probably one day and when the Algerians themselves or the government understand it's useless to count only in Oil and Gas. As we can see Algeria has his actual debt paid and an account of 280 billions dollars aside ..and most important thing, is Algeria was classed 8th Country in world for the Gold reserve and second after South Africa in African country, which are good sign for the next generation. But, Planning and Management are the actual problems.
ahmed on 31 July, 2009 07:14:39
algeria and algerians can live and prospere only with tourism and agriculture
Mark Belliveau on 05 February, 2011 06:35:30
I do disagree with Ahmed for the following reasons:

1. Tourism is an industry
2. Agriculture is too an industry(Agro-business, genetic engineering, . . .s.0.).
Even service is an industry.
Algeria has to be self-reliant and to modernize in all critical issues such as infrastructures, research and development, technology, military, science, industry, engineering, design, health.

Models are: Japan, Turkey, Malaysia,China, Korea . . .etc.
They succeed to modernize and to emerge as strong economies.

Put it simply, the challenge is to build an endogenous national technological capacity and know-how, i.e, Algerian high-tech companies(Private and Public) and laboratories, high-quality universities. . . .

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