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Ineptitude and Rampant Corruption in Government Fuel Conflicts in Mali

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For decades, the reckless and often racist behavior of the government in Bamako has been fueling the conflict with the Touareg tribes of the north. Lack of economic opportunity in the Touareg land breeds massive poverty, and the Mali military has always been active in the region to repress any complaints or efforts by the locals to resist the central government. One war after another that ravaged the local populations for decades were apparently not sufficient red flags for the Malians themselves, as well as the regional leaders and the international community to seek an urgent solution to the Touareg crisis.

But truth be said, the successive disastrous and corrupt governments that ruled over Bamako and beyond did not just hurt the Touaregs, but their entire country. Although the crisis in the north has taken an ethnic dimension, in the rest of the country it is about a government that completely neglected its duties and abandoned its people. Endemic corruption and an attitude from the leaders that allows the ransacking of the country's meager resources have led to widespread poverty across the entire country. And that situation is not likely to change any time soon.

As French and Chadian troops were engaged in the north to root out the Islamist insurgent fighters, government officials in Bamako continued to look for ways to loot their country in the midst of a war, in fact using that war as a pretext. Examples abound, this case illustrates the conspiratorial state the nation's central bureaucracies have adopted to scheme against its own people.
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