Women’s domination has been a fact that the world is witnessing through this era, not only in developed countries, but in developing ones too like Egypt. Their domination is reflected in the three most powerful things in life; economy, art and psychology.

Women’s power in economy does not only prove that she can be financially dependent and earn more money than a man too, depending on her wits, but it also reflects her existence in the money market and in the cycle of production.

Her power in art proves her understanding to the environment and her adventure to communicate with its wildness, and succeed to either tame it or make it wilder.

The power of a woman in psychology is a gift that she always had, but when combining it with her new gained powers, she becomes a mistress in wielding them altogether to reach her goal.

In our multi-cultural Egypt, there are some women who are still against the concept of feminism. However, the foundation defines feminism in a very simple way: “The right for all women to speak up.” That’s why anyone is free to participate in this competition with any kind of thoughts, for we strongly believe that there is much more science than that exists in our already published books.

Feminism itself as a concept is considered a separate revolution on politics, traditions and upon the Egyptian minds, although it is known through the ancient Egyptian history that Egyptians glorified the woman figure to a great extent.

Feminism in Egypt started to finally grow as a beautiful rose rising within a hot and thirsty desert. We long to let others know about this divine Rose and get inspired with it, and perhaps this rose will be the new Lighthouse shining from our Alexandria

The Forgotten Writers Foundation – formed after the Egyptian revolution to empower Egyptian literature – is issuing its second short story competition about “Women’s Domination” to make a study through the submissions on how different cultures and genders perceive the power of women psychologically and philosophically.

The winning stories will be published in one book – after the award ceremony is held – with a foreign publisher to deliver our own science and work to the other side of the world, and that they start knowing about Egyptians directly rather than through reporters and newspapers. It is unfair to have our intellectuals buying and reading English books and giving nothing back in return to the world except their money. Globalization will be fulfilled in the world of Literature and Egypt will then have its recognizable place among readers all over the world.




31 / July / 2012



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Best of Luck!
Mahmoud Mansi

The Forgotten Writers Foundation