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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Supports El-Baradei, Says Military Ordered to Protect Regime

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[The North Africa Journal] The Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist opposition organization has apparently endorsed former IAEA chief and Nobel laureate Mohamed El Baradai. The aim of the endorsement is to provide El Baradai with enough popular support to negotiate the end of the crisis and manage a transition.

The news of the endorsement came from Essam El-Erian, a leader of the conservative organization in an interview on the now banned Al-Jazeera. Another TV news network, Al Arabya confirmed the information.

Meanwhile, the military sent new reinforcements to Cairo, as many believe a military intervention is near. If this happens, this would mark a departure from the position taken by the army of not intervening. According to opposition groups on the grounds, "the army received orders to shoot at protestors and protect the regime."

Meanwhile, we are hearing of divisions within the military as many troops do not want to be part of the crackdown. There is a potential of even internal fights within the Egyptian military.

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Mark Belliveau on 05 February, 2011 06:42:35
El Baradai is an amercan agent send the Whie house in order to set up a puppet pro american government.
Essam el Erian will never ever support El Baradai, because Baradei has no social basis; he is a newcomer to the political game.
Sooner or later Egypt will be a second Iran. It is a necessity of history.
From the beginning the Egyptian Brotherhood movement was behind.
faro on 12 February, 2011 12:21:16
its impossible we hand over the responsibility of new era revolution of people of egypty pro american of bradici who cause the confusion of Iraq and Iran,If and only if bradi lead egypty ,it means revolution become fail bcoz all muslims we are supporting musling ideolgy no esponaige of american and westerns,we lobby muslim brotherhood and we told them this is last opertunity Allah gives muslim elite if u endorse like baradi we shallnot sleep again to get for this trumphium chance,even dont support amir musa we need new blood muslim leaders not behind and endorse israels agenda,iam somali ,iam not egyptian ,but we know how Arab leaders lose to succeed somali reconciliation,becouse every summit eurupean and american they send somali diaspora who support their agend and thats why still somal has been crises and riots

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