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The North Africa Journal reaches more than 60,000 registered users. Our latest user survey conducted in April 2009 indicates a heavy concentration of users in North America and Europe. We have set up this special section to enable you to learn about readers. A sample list of corporate subscribers is included, along with a composite profile of our readers.

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Sounia Johnson

Sounia Johnson is a Correspondent for The North Africa Journal, based in Los Angeles, California. Mrs. Johnson is Frenco-Algerian, born in Algeria and grew up in Saint-Denis, a multicultural Pan-African suburb near Paris, France. In addition to her role in The North Africa Journal, Sounia is the coordinator of North African Affairs at the Levantine Cultural Center, a non-profit think-tank organization dedicated to promoting cultures and strengthening Arab-American relations in Los Angeles. Sounia’s bicultural heritage and international experience has equipped her with an unparalleled cross-cultural understanding governing socio-political and racial tensions in France. Her expertise lies in the area of French Algerian relations from an urban perspective, exploring assimilation issues of Northern Africans in France and beyond. Her commitment to dispelling institutionalized beliefs is unwavering. Sounia is fluent in English, French and has a basic command of the German language.
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